Manchester Chinatown Car Parking

Dragon Boat Festival 24th June – Car Parking Notice


As the China Town area will be cordoned off for our races between 8am-6pm on 24th June, 2012 and ALL parking meters in City Centre will operate between 8am-8pm every single day including Sunday under the new  revised CPZ scheme, parking will be an issue for visitors especially those coming in from other neighbouring cities expecting a free Sunday parking..

NCP has generously agreed that all participating event teams, volunteers, staff and workers will enjoy a 1-day FREE parking on 24th June in the car park listed below. Enter the car park as normal and collect your free exit tickets from our Command Post on the day. Insert your car park ticket at the Pay Station for the actual amount then insert the Free ticket, the screen should show zero balance for exit.

The address is:

       Piccadilly Plaza,
        York Street,
        M1 4AE

For each team enrolled the maximum tickets will be four(4).

For the general public if you decide to drive into City Centre, NCP has committed a full service car parks at all  City Centre facilities such as Chorlton Street, Sackville Street, Oxford Street and many others which are only a stone throw away from China Town. Do not risk parking in restricted areas, you WILL get a ticket.

“An exciting fun filled day guaranteed, come and share the community Dragon Boat Festival  and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration. Not to forget the family fun fair and the delicious traditional & exotic cuisins from our food court inside the NCP China Town Car Park.”

- Kin Chen
( Manchester Oriental Organisations Alliance )

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